Single Moms Connecting With Single Moms

Hi Ladies,

With the blessing from my pastor, I am starting Single Mothers of Mary, an online ministry for single moms. Single Mothers of Mary began over a year ago in my home in hopes to help single moms. After a few months, I realized that the ministry needed to move to the Church. However, since it hard to find time where we can sit together and talk, we have decided to move the ministry online. This way moms can participate at their own convenience. Single motherhood is a busy life!

We hope to have thoughtful conversations, prayer time, and resources that will help single moms, no matter where they come from. I hope that those who visit, who may not be Christian, may feel comfortable in sharing their experiences. As long as you are respectful, you are welcome to participate!

On this blog…

  • I hope to share interesting works from these other single mom bloggers.
  • I hope to share resources for those who need help for other situations.
  • I hope that we will be able to share our experiences and learn from each other on how to tackle such things as parenting, dating, working, balance, and a host of other things.

Here’s how it will work…

I will put a prompt up on every Saturday. On that prompt, there will be a prayer, a Scripture passage to read and some other information. You are encouraged to pray here, but you are not obligated to pray. Then, I will have questions that stem from a certain theme with links to other articles about the same thing. I will leave this prompt open for a week so that you can comment at any time. I will return to the blog as much as possible to keep the conversation going. Our first prompt will be on August 11, 2012.

After visiting the Single Mothers of Mary blog, I hope that you will want to pray for single moms, their children, and the fathers of their children every day.  Please pass this on if you think a single mom you know will benefit from this new venture.

A note on commenting… We might hear the input from guys from time to time as well, which can also be very helpful. If you have comments, I hope that you can remain civil and non-judgmental to our other participants. If not, it is extremely likely that I will not allow the comment through. We have chosen to keep this open to the public in order to be available to other single moms who may feel alone.

Here are some of the single moms that I hope to hear from. Their links are all the the right side under “Blogroll” if you want more information.

1. 11onmyown is one of the first single mom blogs I found. If you click on her link, you can see how she is facing the difficulty of working outside the home while raising several children. Her story has been both difficult to watch unfold but extremely hopeful as well. Talk about someone who is a dedicated momma!

2. Linnea has three children, one with special needs. Her experiences can range from hilarious to sad to ahhhh!, and she expresses herself through poetry, short stories about her family, and other creative genres. She is one single mom I was very glad to meet.

3. Michelle from Word Like A River has joined some other single moms to make a ministry for single moms in Colorado Springs. They are doing some amazing work there! On her blog, she reflects on her experiences raising two girls.

4. Bumpy Road to Bubba is a single mom by choice. She shares her parenting stories and has the cutest “Bubba” pictures. Her daughter, a toddler, is growing fast.

5. Kiss the Muse writes beautiful, passionate poetry, her latest a tribute to her young son.

6. Borderline Personality Journal needs a lot of prayers. Recently her children have been taken away.

7. Mostly Happy has been through a divorce and has a four-year-old. She shares her experiences as she tries to figure it all out.

8. Mothers Inspiring Others are trying to do just that for others–inspire.

9. Savanah pro se shares her thoughts on the confusing aspects of being a single mom.

10. Single Mom Thoughts shares her experiences.

11. Single Motherhood By Choice is sharing her experience.

12. Single Moms Ramble shares her “20 Non-negotiable” man traits.

13. Single Southern Mommy shares her life journey of ups and downs and wants to motivate others who are living through hard times.

14. That Precarious Gait  shares her insights and moments as a single mom.

15. The Hillhouse  talks about raising her son and the maneuvering it takes to share the parenting.

16. The Life and Times of a Single Mum records the ‘highs and lows and everything in between,’ as she says in her blog.

17. The Story of 2 talks about how she survives the trials she has face in her life as a single mom.

18. The Unexpected Pregnancy, well, that’s pretty explanatory.

19. WomenwithWordz is a group of young women who publish their poetry and art.

20. Jessica is a young single mom who has a deep faith, learning to become more intimate with God as she travels through the world.

If for any reason, you do not want to be linked to this blog, please let me know.

This site is run by lamehousewife, a Catholic single mom with four boys…

God bless!


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  1. alesia cook says:

    Looking for single moms raising boys to be a part of a discussion for a new national talk show. Please email your information to

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